Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"ADA Compliant" does't mean that IT IS!

Just because a product is labeled ADA Compliant, does not mean that it is.  As the specifier or installer you need to be the expert, and verify that the products are in compliance.

Don't take anyone's word for it

I was researching outdoor showers and discovered that many models are labeled "ADA Compliant." 

I soon realized that almost every one of these outdoor shower products were falsely advertized as being "ADA Compliant."  They in fact, were only partially complaint.

It help to know the codes
These products merely had ADA Compliant handles on the water valves and lowered shower heads.  Convenient yes, but they had omitted a major safety factor.

Temperature modulation and temperature limits are a required feature of ADA Compliant showers.  When a shower gets scalding hot, a disabled person cannot jump out of the water and scream! A paralyzed person will not even know when they get burned.

A matter of liability

Relying upon a manufacturer's label of ADA Compliance can result in the specifier or installer assuming liability in the even someone is injured.

It helps to know the codes!

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