Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Concrete Coloring and Pigments

Concrete pigments for coloring concrete

Quality Materials

In swimming pool environments, poor quality pigments in concrete will be susceptible to fading and discoloration.

There are many criteria that go into quality pigments.  The size of the fines (granules), purity of the oxides, quality control of the color and synthetic or natural ingredients, all contribute to the durability and rendition of the color.

Use and experience with various brands, will identify the best performers.

Water Chemistry

Improper maintenance of the swimming pool water chemistry, the extremes can also cause aggressive or scaling conditions.

Maintaining water chemistry records is a great way to prevent water chemistry from being blamed as the cause of concrete discoloration.


Properly sealed concrete will resist most chemical attacks or poor water chemistry, long enough to clean up the spill.  Penetrating sealers are the best, as they let the concrete breath, resist most stains and do not change the sheen of the surface.  They also do not contribute to slippery conditions.

Use quality materials that are specified by experienced consultants or contractors.

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