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Expert Swimming Pool Design Services

What services should you look for when seeking an expert swimming pool designer?

Someone with a proven track record of delivering gorgeous projects.A designer who is not first and foremost trying to sell you a pool.Someone with your best interest, both financially and aesthetically in mind!

Luxury Pool and Spa Design Services

We work with property owners, architects, pool companies, landscape architects, developers, contractors and other design professionals, to provide the level of support that they may require. We can provide:
Luxury Swimming Pool & Spa Water Feature Design & Construction

  • Conceptual design services
  • Review existing designs and plans
  • Provide energy efficient hydraulic designs, calculations, and schematics
  • Consult on water sanitization options
  • Specify support equipment (based upon reoccurring maintenance expenses, ROI's & efficiencies)
  • Controls, automation & systems integration
  • Perform material selections & mock-ups
  • Provide construction & bidding documents (to include all/part):
    • Project layout
    • Cross sections
    • Equipment pad/room layout (to scale)
    • Equipment room support facilities (electrical, ventilation, drainage, etc.)
    • Plumbing schematics
    • Lighting schematics (vessel, area, or landscape)
    • Low voltage electrical schematics
    • High voltage electrical schematics
    • Details & cross sections
    • Shop drawings
    • Structural engineering (based upon owner provided soils/geotechnical report)
    • Installation practices & methodologies
    • Material Specifications
    • Workmanship Standards
    • Erosion or dust control programs
    • Gray water collection & waste water discharge
    • Site drainage
  • Construction Management
    • Direct construction/build-out
      • Our direct contract, management and coordination
    • Outside contractor
      • Review bids & proposals
      • Assist with contractor selection
      • Supervise local contractor
    • Progress/Site Inspections
  • Feasibility Studies
    • Pre-Property Purchase
  • Existing pool facility conversion/remodel
  • Expert Witness
    • Construction Litigation
    • Failed pool structures
    • Vanishing Edge, overflow & hillside pools
    • Workmanship standards: masonry, tile, plaster & other finishes
    • General workmanship issues, construction tolerances and material testing
    • Standards compliance
  • Workmanship, installation, materials

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