Sunday, February 1, 2015

Why you need a swimming pool expert witness inspection of aqua international design or construction workmanship disputes.

Workmanship disputes

Most swimming pool construction disputes begin with a disagreement over a few minor workmanship issues.  

Why you need an expert opinion

Since most disputes are initiated over minor issues of workmanship, imagine what larger issues were overlooked?  

How can you be sure that there are not more serious issues?

Were the aqua designs internationally correct?

Did the plans even comply with acceptable industry standards for care and workmanship? 

Was the structural engineering even sufficient for your site and soil conditions?

If you are not an expert on the subject of international aqua design, construction, building codes or workmanship standards, then how can you possibly be aware of all of the relevant issues?

An expert witness will perform a visual evaluation of the project, and review the photographic documentation, project plans and specifications.  From a review of these items, opinions can be made about most items.  

If questions remain to be answered that cannot be resolved by visual inspections, sample and material testing may be warranted.

You didn't know how to build your own pool to begin with - how can you sure that everything was built correctly from the ground up?

An expert witness can help you determine if there are larger issues than the minor issues you are disputing.

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