Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Texas Swimming Pool Construction Workmanship and Defects Expert - Pool Deck Drainage

Pool Deck Drainage

Failing to collect rain run-off and splash out can be catastrophic for the pool decks if your site has expansive clay soils.

The key to keeping the decks flat, level and crack free is to keep the underlying clay soils dry.  If water is allowed to sheet off of the decks and into planters and lawns, the water will seep back under the decks into the drain rock beneath the concrete.

Saturating the soils will promote expansion, which will in turn cause deck movement and cracking.  

Water that accumulates on the pool decks must be collected and drained away from the pool area.  Turn-down footings (inverted curbing) or french drains should be installed around the perimeter of the pool decks to prevent surface water from flowing back under the concrete.

An ounce of prevention is worth tons of cures!

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