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Glass Tile Mosaics Using Direct Set Method

The Direct Set Method of installing glass tile mosaics IS NOT an approved method.

What is the Direct Set Method?

The Direct Set Method (aka: two step method) is an economical and rapid installation method, reserved for ceramic or stone tiles.  After installation and curing of a mortar leveling bed, a layer of mortar is applied to either the mortar bed or the back of the tiles.  The tiles are then pressed onto the cured leveling bed.

Standards Prevail

Many foreign manufacturers of glass tile mosaics provide instructions that follow third world standards.  Simply stated, they do not comply with the science and standards that apply in modern countries.

Following simple instructions to mix white cement and sand to create the setting bed, will not ensure material that is compliant with the ANSI  performance standards.  The sheer strength, permeability and compressive strengths of this material will be totally unknown.  

More critically, glass tile is susceptable to cracking when setting materials experience shrinkage.  Shrinkage is unpredictable with field mixed materials.  Shrinkage places glass tiles under compression.  This stress is relieved by a glass tile as a crack.

ANSI Standards A108.14, A108.15, A018.16

In 2005, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) developed specific standards for the installation of glass tile mosaics.  These standards are very precise.  None of these standards allow for the use of the Direct Set Method when setting glass tile mosaics.

These ANSI standards were developed in conjunction with the Ceramic Tile Institute of America (CTIOA) and the Tile Council of North America (TCNA).  Both CTIOA and TCNA promote the ANSI standards as the ONLY APPROVED METHODS OF INSTALLING GLASS TILE MOSAICS.

While the Direct Set Method of installing glass tile mosaics may be cheap, fast and easy - it is not permitted in North America.

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