Sunday, December 22, 2013

Swimming Pool Designer Structural Engineer

Hiring a Swimming Pool Designer VS a Structural Engineer to design your new swimming pool project?


Let's face it, most structural engineers have the creativity of a bag of sand.  While useful for a specific purpose, their usefulness in developing a creative or innovative design is limited.  Engineers are focused on what holds it all together.

Designers usually have a background in the elements of design, such as materials, textures, color, scope and scale.  Their plan will have placed thought behind the seasonal sun and shade patterns, prevailing winds, lines of sight, foot traffic patterns and peering eyes of the neighbors.  An educated designer will bring their decades of experience and education about fountains, pools and architectural history into play.  While the engineer will rely on their computer and sliderule.


A designer that does not have a background in building pools, may come up with unique ideas, but will have no idea if they are even feasible or able to be built.  You may become excited about an element of the design, only to be told that it cannot be done.

A creative and experienced designer with decades construction experience will be able to develop a project that meets a clients needs, as well as being functional, practical and executable.  When faced with engineering challenges, they will be able to suggest to the structural engineer options for maintaining economical feasibility.

Best of Both Worlds

How do you get the best of both worlds?  Hire an experienced swimming pool designer/builder to consult on the creation of your design.  The completed architectural drawings are then sent to the structural engineer.

The structural engineer is utilized to detail the concrete and steel to hold it all together.

Creativity, functionality and durability meet.

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