Friday, October 24, 2014

Floor tile crack control waterproof membrane - Proper Application

To achieve the full benefit of a floor tile waterproofing and crack control membrane, it must be installed in adherence with the manufacturer's instructions.


The substrate needs to be clean and free of foreign matter: dirt, oil, grease, dust, moisture.  These create a layer between the substrate and the membrane that prevent complete adhesion.
Improperly applied TEC Hydraflex Membrane - click on image to enlarge


For the membrane to be effective, it must be installed to the thickness specified by the manufacturer.  To achieve these thicknesses oftentimes requires 3 to 4 coats.  One layer is usually insufficient.

Good rule of thumb: If the substrate can be seen through the membrane, the membrane is too thin.  Better yet, buy a tester and measure the membrane thickness to verify the minimum thickness has been achieved.


The membrane must be cleaned of dirt, dust and debris that collects on top of it.  Thinsets and mortars will not adhere to a dirty membrane.


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