Friday, April 25, 2014

Designer Swimming Pool Glass Mosaic Tile

Glass tile mosaic swimming pool designer, Paolo Benedetti, discusses yet another possible cause of glass tile cracking.

Thermal Stress

Thermal stresses can be induced into glass tiles when a temperature difference occurs between the edges and the center, or between the surface and the reverse.

The expansion of the over heated center results in tension along the edges.  When these stresses exceed the strength of the glass, it cracks.  Simple enough.

Add to that, irregular edges with manufacturing chips and imperfections, and you are guaranteed to have problems.

Shape, Thickness, Shadows

The thicker a glass tile is, or the larger it is in surface area, the more prone it is to these stresses.  Common logic.

Merely mounting and grouting glass tiles also contributes to this phenomenom.  The opaque grout between tiles, shades the sides of the neighboring tile.  

Thicker tiles only compound this problem by shading even a greater percentage of the neighboring tile.

How do you avoid problems ?

As a rule of thumb, stick with small, thin tiles.  "Ice cube" glass tiles are probably not the best choice for conditions subject to thermal stresses.  Neither are large format tiles - those that exceed 3 x 3.  

Select tiles from a manufacturer who tiles are not chipped, irregular or deformed along the edges - a sure way to inducing cracks.

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