Saturday, April 19, 2014

Glass Tile Mosaic Swimming Pool Cracks Defects Expert Witness

The new glass tile mosaics in my swimming pool are cracking.  The pool builder and installer have no idea why...

Myriad of causes

There are actually a whole slew of possible causes.  They could be from any one or combination of the following:
  • Inferior quality glass tile mosaics
  • Failure to follow proper installation procedures for glass tiles
  • Utilizing improper installation materials

Each of the above categories has many possible sub categories - over 50 in total.  That is over 50 singular possible causes of an installation or material failure.  Combine any of them, and you multiply your chances for a catastrophic failure. The more that are violated the exponential chance there is for performance issues.

Bottom Line

Research your installer, the materials and the tile.  The internet contains a lot of valuable information from people who have had real world experiences.  Forget the pretty showroom and home improvement store displays.  

Forget the references provided by your installer - are they really so stupid to provide the names of people who are unhappy with their glass tile mosaic installation?

Start with written specifications that comply with the TCNA and ANSI installation guidelines for glass tile mosaics.  

Even if the tile manufacturer does not have specific installation procedures, these are the standards that your installer will be held to.

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