Monday, April 7, 2014

Expert Witness Swimming Pool Bonding Water

Bonding the water 
National Electric Code 680 requires that the water of the pool also be bonded.  This means that the water needs to be in contact  with the equipotential bonding grid.

This can be achieved if there is a properly bonded heater, light niche, bronze handrail anchor or metal umbrella sleeve underwater. 

Otherwise, a length of bonded stainless steel pipe or a bonding probe can be added to the plumbing at the equipment pad.

Bonding the surfaces around a pool

Section 680 also requires that the decking, or in the case of a deckless pool or one with concrete paving stones, that the soil surrounding the pool be bonded.  This can be achieved through the use of a copper mesh or a #8 copper wire that enciricles the pool.  The copper bonding loop must be attached to the pool’s reinforcing steel at four locations that are spaced equally around the perimeter. 

Your pool doesn't have rebar?

Vinyl liner or fiberglass pools that do not have reinforcing steel, must have a layer of copper mesh placed below them prior to installation.  This copper mesh under such pools must then connect to the decking loop in four locations, just like a concrete pool.

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