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Whether your project is in Arizona, New York, Florida or California, the National Electric Code applies to your project.  And service disconnects are the most frequently omitted item on swimming pool projects and plan specifications.

NEC 680

Most people involved with the design or construction of swimming pools, merely focus on NEC Section 680, because it deals specifically with swimming pools and spas.  However by law, they are equally responsible for the entire contents of the NEC.

NEC 430.109(B)-(D)

The NEC requires a permanent means of disconnecting equipment for service purposes. 
The disconnect must be located on the equipment itself or within the line of sight of the equipment. 

Circuit breakers are referred to in the NEC as a branch circuit over-current protection device
According to the NEC 430.109(B),
branch circuit over-current protection devices shall not be used as the disconnection means for motors greater than ½ horsepower. 

For motors between ½ and 2 horsepower you cannot rely on the breaker.  Per NEC 430.109(C) you need a separate means to disconnect the power.

Variable speed pumps are a perfect example why we need service disconnects - they are wired so that they constantly have live power running to them - 24/7.
They are signaled to turned on and off via a data cable and not by way of switching the power on or off.  As is, the only way to turn off the power to the pump is at the circuit breaker.   But their nameplate rating is greater than 1/2 horsepower.
Therefore, that would be in violation of NEC 430.109(C).

The solution is to install an approved means of disconnection between the circuit breaker panel and the equipment.    

Section 680 of the NEC is not the only section that applies to swimming pools....  

Time to break out the NEC code and do some reading, isn't it ?!

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