Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hamptons Swimming Pool Aquatic Consultant

Expert witness and construction defects consultant Paolo Benedetti of Aquatic technology Pool and Spa ( discusses the importance of isolating the pool decks from the pool structure.


Independent movement is critical for the proper performance and protection of the swimming pool structure.

A 1/2 inch layer of closed cell foam should isolate the pool structure from the concrete deck and any stone or tile overlay.

Tying the pool structure to the pool deck with a few pieces of rebar or resting the pool deck on a ledge of the pool structure, will subject the coping and/or tile to horizontal stress when the decks move. 

A hinge effect is created where the pool deck is tied to the pool structure.  A few measly pieces of rebar will not prevent this hinging effect. Expansive soils can easily bend these bars and crack the pool structure.

This transferred stress will also result in cracked tiles, loose coping stones and a cracked pool shell.  This is usually evidenced by horizontal cracking within the top 6-8 inches of the pool, usually through the tile.  Loose and dislodged tiles soon follow.

Frost Heave and Expansive Soils

Deck movement can occur from expansive soils or frost heave.  The forces generated by these movements are enormous.

Cheap Protection

To protect the decks and any outdoor structure from such damage, it is a wise idea to place isolation foam everywhere the decks abut an immoveable object (planters, foundations, retaining walls, columns, pool structure, bbq, etc.).

To prevent water from getting into the joints, they should be sealed with an appropriate elastomeric sealer.  This help will prevent the soils under the concrete from becoming saturated from bather splash or rain water.

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