Saturday, September 27, 2014

Swimming Pool Expert Witness - How Structural Engineers Compromise themselves

Swimming pools can be designed utilizing 2,500 PSI concrete.  
However, the American Concrete Institute - Standard 318 (ACI-318), the International Building Code (IBC), and the California Building Codes (CBC) all specify and require 4,500 PSI as the minimum, with 5,000 PSI required, for most swimming pools.  This standard actually applies to all concrete structures in constant contact with water (fountains, pools spas, watershapes, dams, storage tanks, docks, pilings, breakwaters, etc.).

Expert Witness - Structural Engineer ?

So, if the codes and LAWS require higher PSI concrete, then why do many structural engineers specify 2,500 PSI for swimming pools?

They think that they are doing everyone a favor.
Specifications above 2,500 PSI require special inspections, quality assurance lab testing, and many other minor additional expenses and double checks.  Something most budget conscience swimming pool contractors would rather not deal with.

Though these structural engineers can show on paper that 2,500 PSI is sufficient, they cannot justify their non-compliance with the laws, codes and statutes.

Compromised as an Expert Witness

If a structural engineer has delivered thousands of plans in violation of these laws, codes and standards, does that compromise their integrity as an Expert Witness?

If they continue to deliver plans in violation of these regulations, even after they have been made aware that they are not compliant, do they even have any value as an Expert Witness?

How do they justify such behavior and blatant disregard for the laws and building codes?

Do you really want one of these clowns as your Expert Witnesses?

Wait until the opposing attorney gets them on the stand and asks them under oath !

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