Sunday, September 7, 2014

International Aqua Design and Watershapes Consulting

With a background in swimming pool construction, design and operations, we deliver thoughtful designs with an emphasis on reducing reoccurring maintenance, operating and labor expenses.  A focus on the ROI drives our design decisions.... the REAL definition of VALUE ENGINEERING.

A few extra dollars spent upfront can bring a significant savings in maintenance, operating expenses, labor, downtime and ease future expansion.


Combining 20+ years of actual construction experience, watershape consulting, owner's representation, quality assurance, construction defects expert witness, a formal business degree and graduate courses in watershape and aquatic design - our background is unparalleled in the swimming pool design industry. 

We are not "self-trained," but are rather one of a few firms uniquely educated trained and qualified to design and engineer complex hydraulic systems and concrete pool structures. With a background in international consulting and as the owner's representative, makes us uniquely qualified in the entire world.

Educator and Published Author

Our founder has authored 100+ articles on such topics as swimming pool design, watershape consulting and construction defects.

He has taught courses on pool construction, waterproofing and aqua design to international audiences.

Uniquely qualified in all of the world - personal enough to be yours.

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